About Unplain Jane

Jane Trask – BSpLs, Dip.T PE & Dance, Dip. Digital Photography.

Unplain Jane is a blog I have started to share my writing. I have a strong interest in current news, social well-being, mental health, physical health, sustainable fashion & environmental living, arts & culture, motherhood and poetry.

I always wanted to be a journalist, studying journalism, communication management, media and public relations and interpersonal communication as part of my Sport and Leisure Studies degree.  I taught Dance and Physical Education for 15 years in two New Zealand High Schools. After leaving teaching at the end of 2018 I have been doing opinion writing for the Rotorua Daily Post, Bay of Plenty Times and occasionally NZ Herald. I have also written local community news filling in for the Rotorua Weekender when needed. Since Covid-19 I needed a new focus and Unplain Jane is something I have wanted to begin for a long time.

Now seems right for me.

I love the way words form to tell a story or express a view – when they flow, you can really speak to peoples hearts and perceptions.” Unplain Jane.

“I love this chick. Relevant writing about the regular and extraordinary, always from the heart and always honest. She has an amazing ability to empathise with both sides of an argument and yet stick to her guns.” Jenny, Kiwi Sign.

“Unplain Jane’s writing is thoughtful and emotive. She captures what lots of us are thinking in her opinion pieces and is able to articulate it masterfully and backs it up with evidence. Her writing is interesting and captivating, she really has a way with words that makes me want to read until the end!” Haley, Teacher.

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