Lock-down life.

It’s funny how you can become so used to something.

After some initial up and down emotions, I seem to have settled in to lock-down life.

I wonder if it’s because we have a potential end line in sight, something we are all hanging on to, something that is giving us hope.

Or maybe you just don’t really need much more than what you have at home.

It has been super important to keep a semblance of a routine. Actually getting out of bed, daily chores, entertaining and feeding the children and some house maintenance jobs seem to be filling our days. We relish in the long deadlines, with no other immediate plans on our agenda. No jobs or school to rush back to on Monday or pressing appointments or social events. Apart from potential financial ruin, dependent staff, loss of income and earnings and no bigger focus, not working has it’s benefits.

Dinner time is more enjoyable without rushing; food preparation is healthier and more loving, we have time to create in the kitchen.

Games and quality time spent with the kids is special and much needed, it distracts from the bigger picture. I am so proud of how my children have adapted and although there are frequent fist fights when frustrated, they have become even better friends.

It is so hard to stop Master five from constantly eating. He just wont stop. Sneaking snacks, brazenly climbing up the pantry and quite frankly eating more than his little body should! I think it is a mix of filling in time and being bored alongside actually being hungry.

The boys device time is going well. Most of the time anyway… A mixture of school based tasks, educational apps, youtube videos and minecraft are filling their spongy minds. And they are actually listening better when it’s time to hop off. Probably because they know they can go back on them again sooner rather than later!

My barista skills are improving with patience with the coffee machine. Slowly but surely I am learning how to make a cafe style coffee. I look forward to these moments in the day.

We have celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary, my mothers birthday from afar and facetimed family and friends. My DC Club (Girls Dinner Club) have set daily family challenges that we can choose to partake in and these are proving to be hilarious highlights from this unusual time in our lives.

I’ve joined Tik Tok with the kids, only to be left alone when it actually comes to making videos. I’m finding it hilarious though, even as a dancer I am struggling with learning some of the moves!

I’m beginning to wonder if people will start to develop a type of ‘stockholm’ syndrome affect with our lock-down. Not that we have captors or kidnappers but more so with the comforts, safe-feelings and safety that comes from living in ones own bubble for so long.

There have been moments of absolute madness in our household. Fights, crazy outbursts of emotion and language that I’m sure have been entertaining for our neighbours as well as ourselves. I love my kids so much one minute and wish for five minutes peace the next.

I look forward to the movie style scenes that will hopefully happen as we all return back to normal in a few weeks time. Fingers crossed. I cannot wait to hug someone other than my bubble. Anyone will do really but especially my children’s teachers! Homeschooling is definitely not for me!

Surely we can beat this if we all do our part and stay home for now?

There may be other benefits for our nation as well, cured of take away cravings perhaps? Or our countries average fitness might improve from an increase in daily walks, runs and exercise workouts purely because it is something we have control over in lock-down.

Maybe we will have all saved a little bit of money? Businesses will benefit from our spending again after our release, however, I do worry about the recession flow on effects further on in the next year, as we cope with loss of earnings and missed opportunities as people prioritise what to spend their precious money on.

I pray that people will be healthier and stronger from our time in our bubbles. Perhaps we will all be more kind and caring towards each other, because for once in the history of New Zealand, this is something every single one of us has shared and experienced together? We know what we have each been through, sacrificed and enjoyed about being on lock-down.

I pray that New Zealand listens enough to stay home and beat this virus. I hope that someone invents a vaccine that can protect future outbreaks as well. Our world as we know it will be very strange and different for many months to come. Maybe even years. Somethings may even change forever.

Tonight I’m going to make my husband watch “The Greatest Showman” again. Partly because I love it and partly because its my turn to choose and I know it will annoy him!

Until then, its back to feeding the kids snacks, tidying up my whare and enjoying the beautiful weather that we have been lucky enough to experience while on lock-down.

Stay kind, stay safe and stay home.

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