A new reality

We have started to plan things as a family that we want to do and places we want to visit once life returns as much to normal as possible. I’m not just talking about level three or even level two but more so when we are at level one or even out of the Covid-19 levels all together!

We want to travel up north and explore the sunny beaches. We would like to travel down south to see family and spend time sightseeing in our own country. We also can’t wait to go to the ski slopes of Mount Ruapehu and spend some time playing in the snow. My boys have never seen snow. Usually we would try and take off for an overseas holiday to Fiji during the winter, but with overseas travel off the cards for the foreseeable future, we are excited about exploring our own country a little more than we normally would.

We take it for granted I guess, like it will always be there and now seems a perfect time to be getting excited about travelling around New Zealand making memories.  We spend most of our time in the Bay of Plenty with occasional trips to Auckland. It’s time we saw more of our own backyard!

And what better way to help build our economy back up after things return to a ‘new normal’ than to spend money in our own country.

If and when we move to level three, a lot won’t change for me. I won’t be sending our children back to school to add further pressure to teachers who are already coping with teaching online and surviving lockdown themselves.

As much as I don’t really love homeschooling, home is still the safest place for us to be. My husband will return to work in the construction industry if and when he is allowed and with no jobs of my own at the moment I will continue to homeschool my two monkeys at home.

I do look forward to the future when we can travel overseas again.

I got in touch with a good friend of mine who is a Travel Agency owner, Deborah Kay to get her perspective on the future of overseas travel.

“It’s been so sad and upsetting for many of our clients needing to cancel or postpone their much anticipated and longed-for holidays. But we need to have hope, we will get through this. I’m focusing on the future and where we will be, come February / March next year. That’s my vision for when people will start to look at booking and planning their future holidays. Airlines are ready to expand services as soon as demand increases. We may have a bubble with Australia, some South Pacific countries and possibly Canada initially and who knows as the days and months’ progress, other countries might make the grade. We will get through this, we will travel again, we will appreciate the beauty of the world even more so, knowing how quickly that privilege can be taken away from us. We look forward to helping even more people be able to travel, to explore the world, to fulfill their dreams, but I think the difference will be how much more conscious people will be about protecting the world even more so. She’s a beautiful place out there!”

Until such time that international travel can exist again for Kiwis, I look forward to domestic travel around our country and exploring our beautiful and unique landscape.  

I also long for the simple things that I took for granted before lockdown. Simple things that provide us with a sense of normal freedom and choices as we live our daily lives.  I can’t wait until I can go to a BBQ with friends, dinner out at a restaurant with my Dinner Club girls, or spend time with extended family members without worrying about leaving our bubbles of safety!

I can’t wait to walk in to a dance or aerial yoga class to teach my students and perform on stage again.  I can’t wait to walk on the beach and paddle in the waves. I can’t wait to shop locally, drink coffee, smile and chat with strangers. I can’t wait to we don’t have to worry about where every single one of us has been and where we are going.

As some contact between people returns, albeit at a distance, takeaways reopen and an extension to our bubbles to include more family we’ve missed, maybe it will start to feel like a return to normal. Albeit a new normal.

We will start to look forward to simple things again, things we took for granted before lock-down. We will start making bucket lists, setting goals and returning to work where we can to rebuild our economy and our lives.

Positivity, hope, expectations and dreams will help us all continue to abide by the rules set out for us by our government. As a nation we have survived the Christchurch Earthquakes, the Muslim Shootings and most recently the devastating White Island eruption.

We will survive Covid-19 too.

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