Embracing change

Putting yourself out there for new opportunities can be one of the scariest things we face in life.

I didn’t write an article last week as I couldn’t quite put my words to paper. There was a lot going on in my daily life and in my mind. I have been doing a bit of relief teaching at my sons primary school and I am really enjoying the new challenge of teaching younger aged children. It is hilarious teaching a bunch of five year olds. One child asked if I was wearing my pajama pants (I wasn’t!) and another informed me the desk I was sitting at ‘wasn’t actually my desk!’ I got a million hugs though and enjoyed helping them to learn little things.

I started unplainjane.co.nz as a place to write. And I love what I have written so far. But as I look forward to my future and my whanau, I have decided to embrace a new challenge. I have applied to go back to teaching, not secondary this time, but at a primary school. I’m terrified of a new set of challenges, but excited to possibly take on this fixed term position.  

Obviously I have to get the job first, but it felt liberating applying after weighing up the options over the past week.   Hopefully I even make it to the interview process stage.  It was the first time in a very long time I have compiled a resume and application letter and I felt happy to complete it.

I love to teach. I love to inspire and I love motivating students to be the best they can be. I always thought that needed to be in Physical Education or Dance and at a secondary school or a dance studio, but now after a taste of what our wonderful primary teachers face every day,  I’m ready to try a completely different age group.   

I guess as a teacher with over 15 years experience I feel I have the teachers skill set to transition into primary teaching in a highly enthusiastic way.

After teaching high school students for so long in Dance and Physical Education I truly believe I could offer the new entrants students a holistic, energetic and passionate style of teaching for their first few months at Primary School.

While I am secondary trained, I am adaptable and hopefully will be quick to learn new curriculum areas. I am organised and looking for my next challenge.

I am passionate about all students, no matter their background, interests and qualities that they will individually bring to their learning and classroom environments.

I feel that my dance and physical education back ground will make me an excellent addition to a junior teaching team and I also feel strongly that all students no matter what their age should be involved in regular arts and physical movement.

I took a break from secondary teaching in 2018 in the hopes to take on a new direction in the newspaper and media world. Unfortunately due to Covid-19, my dreams of becoming a journalist haven’t quite eventuated but that is not saying I wouldn’t jump at the chance to get back into writing for newspapers in the future.

So only time will tell what is next in store for me?  I will continue to write, although maybe not every week. Juggling change in life can be a bit scary. I’ll keep you posted if I get an interview!

*edited to add: I got the job! Wish me luck!

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